TikToken (TT2E)

TTicket NFTs

Owning TT2E NFT TTickets will grant you an extra 5% TT2E token airdrop on top of your allocation. In addition, you will receive (1) free mint on our DAPP in which there will be TT2E Mystery Box, which you will need to start earning on TT2E app.
Last but not least, you are going to have the chance to win an exclusive AUDI TTRS in the post-presale giveaway.
The giveaway winner will be announced after TTicket SOLD OUT
MINT YOUR NFT TTICKET --> https://mint-ticket.tt2e.finance/​
Our TTicket NFT contract has been fully tested in testnet --> https://testnet.bscscan.com/token/0xf43cf75090c129ad12447c5f9e4dc9758e71dc59​
TTicket Contract Address: 0x0D108637481AC6838cE2DaEc7787393Dc8B57fad
*The prize will be corresponding to the fair market value of an Audi TTRS in BNB, delivered directly to the winning wallet
TTicket price: 0.15 BNB
Availability of TTickets: 2000 PCS
  • You can buy more than 1 TTicket to increase your chances to win the Audi TT
  • For each ticket you will be given one Mystery Box.
  • Regardless of how many TTickets you have the free tokens will be 5% extra on top of the fair launch allocation you bought
  • Each wallet can buy Max 10 TTickets
  • Your TTickets will be valid only if you will contribute at least 1 BNB in the Fair Launch AND hold for the first 24H.

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