TikToken (TT2E)


TikToken Web3 Dapp allows users to earn TT2E BSC tokens while using TikTok Social Network. The more TT2E Camera NFTs users own, the more they will maximise the earnings generated by their TikTok content.
Thanks to our Dapp developer, our investors will be able to interact with our DAPP and Android/iOS Apps 15 days after launch, in order to have a sufficient number of users to start the Revolutionary TT2E System and to comply with PinkSale SAFU requirements. In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to get our mystery boxes to make sure you have NFTs cameras ready, which are you going to need to earn by making TikTok videos.
Beta Dapp preview --> https://dapp.tt2e.finance
TT2E DAPP Video Tutorial -->